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"Providing a complete Mechanical Engineering Service to Industry"

Mechanical On-site Services & Plant Shutdowns

Skelton Thomas Engineering Limited has for many years undertaken extensive mechanical site installation and maintenance works. The scope of work covers ranges from small minor contracts to large major projects. Please contact us directly for specific information regarding Mechanical On-site Services which we are able to provide.

Skelton Thomas Engineering have for many years undertaken extensive mechanical maintenance work at various Petro/Chem locations such as removal of valves, pumps or cylinders for overhaul to major plant turnarounds.

Skelton Thomas Engineering Limited frequently provide full maintenance services under term contracts to major companies carrying out the overhauling of onsite valves, pumps, exchangers, vessels and most other mechanical equipment. Skelton Thomas Engineering also have the capacity to run large shutdown work with full on site management structure.

Skelton Thomas Engineering has an experienced team of Engineers, Supervisors, Fitters, Machinists, Welders, Riggers, Management and Quality Personnel.

Skelton Thomas Engineering Limited has the capacity and ability to undertake refurbishments of all sizes including large major refurbishments. Skelton Thomas Engineering has extensive experience in this field which ensures that all refurbishments are undertaken to the highest possible standard.

Refurbishments carried out include mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

For many years Skelton Thomas Engineering Limited have undertaken plant Shutdowns and is a major contractor for Shutdowns for several of the largest Petro/ Chem and Steel companies based in the UK.

Skelton Thomas Engineering have the capacity and experience to run the largest of plant shutdowns with full on site management provided.