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"A complete Blasting and Coating service provided onsite & in our workshop unique to Wales"

Spray Techniques

Conventional Spray Systems

The Conventional Spray System uses a high pressure to produce a very fine finish. The conventional spray gun atomises the liquid before ejecting it onto the required surface using high air pressure. E G Lewis Blasting & Coating are equipped with various spray guns and accessories allowing us to undertake a range of techniques and produce a range of different finishes.

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP)

This spraying is similar to spraying with a conventional spray gun, but the gun requires a significantly lower pressure. With High Volume Low Pressure spraying the air atomises the paint producing a controlled flow of paint and therefore a better finish as a higher proportion of the paint reaches the desired target. This reduces the overspray which along with producing a better quality finish, reduces air pollution and materials required, hence lowering the cost of the spraying for the customer. The use of the large air volume and the low spraying pressure results in a fine detailed and high quality finish.

Air Assisted Airless Spraying

The air assisted airless spraying is a hybrid which combines the best features of airless spraying with air spraying, using both pressure and fluid to atomise the coating, producing a high quality finish. The air assisted spray guns also allows E G Lewis Blasting & Coating to spray liquids which are normally too heavy for an air spray gun by using the compressed air from the airless tip to improve atomisation. This technique allows E G Lewis Blasting & Coating to spray a full range of products including paints, primers and heavier materials.

Graco King Airless

The Graco King Airless Spray Unit handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications on the market. It allows E G Lewis Blasting and Coating to spray a large surface areas quickly producing value for money for our customers. E G Lewis hold both 58:1 and 66:1 Graco King Airless Spray Unit.

Fast Air Dried Paint

E G Lewis Blasting & Coating undertakes all spraying in house in a controlled environment. However, the use of fast air dried paint means your object can be touched up on your site after installation allowing us to produce the perfect finish. This paint can be applied with or without a prima covering a range of specifications and costs.