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"A complete Blasting and Coating service provided onsite & in our workshop unique to Wales"

Shot and Grit Blasting

At E G Lewis Blasting & Coating we provide abrasive surface preparation using Grit Blasting techniques. This technique is able to remove corrosion and contaminants prior to coating. We are able to remove surface imperfections, corrosion, scaling of metal, previous surface coatings, rust, paint, and dirt, back to a clean near white surface as well as using the blasting for restoration. This is an excellent method of preparation for the application of surface coatings, paints etc. Click here for more information.

We undertake blasting in our own Modular Blast Room which is currently unique in Wales using a range of abrasives. Please click here to see the range of abrasives we currently use.

We also undertake on site blasting. Please click here for more information about our on-site blasting services.

At E G Lewis Blasting & Coating we employ highly skilled operatives and meet international standards for our Grit Blasting and abrasive surface preparation.

We are also able to offer industrial blast cleaning and water jetting for projects of all sizes.