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Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying is an application of Aluminium or Zinc metal coating applied by Electric Arc System or Gas combustion. This application provides long life protection against corrosion.

Metal Spraying is often used to restore and repair worn components and surfaces to their original condition and specification. This technique can therefore be used as a cost effective and quicker alternative to replacing worn parts. Metal Spraying produces a hard wearing resistant coating protecting the surface of metal objects from corrosion and other environmental issues.

Metal spraying has many advantages over galvanising including::

  • The low heat input during spraying eliminates the risk of both Thermal Distortion and Thermal Metallurgical Degradation.
  • Sealed hollow fabrications may be treated without risk of explosion.
  • The process is not limited to Zinc, the coating material can be selected specifically for the environment.
  • The coating thickness may be varied from ARCA to ARCA to provide extra protection in critical areas.
  • There is no limit to the size of equipment which can be treated.
  • Articles can be treated on site.
  • No effluent disposal problems
  • Metal Spraying can be used to restore corrosion protection on damaged areas of welded galvanised steel

Please contact us for an up to date list of metals which we are currently spraying or for more information on Metal Spraying.: