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"A complete Blasting and Coating service provided onsite & in our workshop unique to Wales"


At E G Lewis Blasting & Coating we have a wide range of abrasives available to suit the requirements of individual objects requiring blasting. Abrasives are available in many forms of shapes, hardness, density, and size so a wide range of available abrasives are required to ensure your item is blasted to the highest possible standard and producing the required finish.

Aluminium Oxide is a hard abrasive used prior to coating for the removal of previous coatings, corrosion and deposits along with cleaning and surface preparation. This abrasive is best used at low pressure and can also be used in decorative purposes.

Iron Grit, Shot and bead. The choice between the use of Grit, shot and blast abrasives depends on the surface being blasted and the requirements. The Iron Grit being the toughest will remove corrosion whilst the softer Iron Shot and Bead cleans surface deposits.

Other Metal Grit and Shot can be used instead of iron to produce the required finish and depending on the level of corrosion or cleaning required and the object being blasted. Metallic abrasives offer extra high impact.

Glass Grit, Bead & Granules. Glass Bead is used for general cleaning and produces a smooth polished finish. The beads can also be used for peening metals or reducing shine. Although used less frequently the glass is also available in grit and granules, the granules are a milder version of the beads with the grit being used to produce different textures.

Expendable abrasives must be economical to use as they are not recycled and are therefore usually the traditional ‘slag’ based products. The expendable abrasive is used on site to remove paint, corrosion and other surface coatings.

Plastic Grit is a softer abrasive that does not cause peening, but is still able to remove paint layer by layer. Plastic abrasives can also be used for cleaning and removal of burr, flash and dirt and can be used in both wet and dry conditions.